The Curious Clevers

by Kelley Coleman

I love stories of the chosen one.  

Even more, I love stories of the not chosen one.

When their parents go missing, the Clever brothers' search sets them on an adventure beyond their imaginations, where everything they have ever believed about their family, their world, and ultimately themselves comes into question - particularly for our hero, Pilot Clever, who was affectionately envisioned as Harry Potter's muggle brother. 

The Curious Clevers is a bold adventure that presents a powerful and authentic metaphor for an often-overlooked aspect of diversity: disability, and how typical siblings cope with disability within their own family. 

As a parent of two amazing boys, one of whom has multiple disabilities, I write grand adventures for broad audiences, featuring families like ours and people like my little boy who cannot write their stories for themselves.  

Welcome to our marvelous adventure.

Welcome to the world of The Curious Clevers

The Curious Clevers has been described as: 

     *Lemony Snicket in tone. 

     *A Wrinkle in Time in scope. 

     *Wonder in themes. 

The Curious Clevers is: 

     *A fantastical middle grade series. 

     *An unconventional, distinctly voiced adventure. 

     *An organically inclusive representation of disability, written by the parent of a child with multiple disabilities. 

The Curious Clevers is not: 


Artwork courtesy of the brilliant